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Dr. Dana Kindberg

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Dr. Dana Kindberg is a graduate of the Pacific University College of Optometry. With over 20 years of experience in the optical industry, Dr. Kindberg has traveled the world on many humanitarian eye care missions with LensCrafters One-Sight Foundation. Dr. Kindberg's caring and compassionate demeanor puts her patients at ease, while her expertise and knowledge ensure excellent patient care.


Dr. Kindberg focuses on multigenerational family care -

from Functional Vision and ocular diseases to glasses and contacts.


"I began working in the eye industry in a non-profit role setting up eye glass clinics across the globe. That’s where I saw the impact that an optometrist has on the lives of patients and that’s when I knew I could offer more to the world by becoming an optometrist myself.

All aspects of eye care are fascinating to me, but when I'm able to care for multiple generations within a single family - from their preventative care and early diagnosis, to functional vision and eye glasses or contacts - that’s when I’m reminded why I chose this field; to offer more by providing complete care for the whole family."

~ Dr. Kindberg


In addition to general family eye care, through her Sports Vision Academy and Functional Vision Program, Dr. Kindberg works with patients of all ages to improve abilities like eye-hand coordination, reading comprehension and focusing, concussion recovery, and digital eye fatigue.


Dr. Kindberg is a member of the American Academy of Optometry & American Optometric associations.