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What is CLARIFYE? - It's the Future of Eye Exams, and it's Here!

Getting your eyes examined ranks up there with having your teeth cleaned; it’s not fun, it’s easy to put off, yet both are incredibly important for your health. Clarifye is a new revolutionary proprietary digital eye exam that makes it easier for you and our eye doctors to easily get the most accurate eye exam results quickly and comfortably ... and its here at Dana Kindberg Optometry!

clarifeye2Today, digital technology has completely transformed the way we live our lives. Do you still use a rotary phone? Or send letters by carrier pigeon? Then why settle for anything less than the digital best, when it comes to something as important as your vision?

From the moment you sit down for your CLARIFYE exam, you’ll see how far we’ve come. No more old-fashioned knobs and hand-turned lenses. Instead, Dr. Kindberg and highly trained technicians will use our advanced digital system to give you a more comprehensive understanding of your eye health and vision.

Ever get nervous when we asks you, “Which is better, 1 or 2?” We all do. It can be pretty hard to tell. Thanks to CLARIFYE’s incredible digital precision, Dr. Kindberg will already have a very good idea of your prescription, before asking you anything at all.

Are the eyes the windows to the soul? Maybe. But they’re definitely the windows to your health. CLARIFYE’s high resolution imaging can detect not only eye issues, like glaucoma and cataracts, but also health issues, like high blood pressure and diabetes. The more you know, the better care you can take of your eyes, and yourself!

Did you know you might need a different prescription at night than you do during the day? CLARIFYE provides you with your precise prescription, which means you get to enjoy your best vision, in any situation.

There are two components to the exam: diagnosis and consultation. Clarifye uses the most sophisticated group of digital eye exam instruments on the market today; the lens profiler, the vision profiler and a digital projector/phoropter.

The vision profiler captures your eye’s unique front surface characteristics (providing better-than-ever results for fitting contact lenses, for example) and helps diagnose corneal diseases. The vision profiler also measures how light passes through your eyes, providing both a very precise starting point for your correction (if you need one). The health of your retina, blood vessels, and the rest of your eye is assessed using digital retinal imaging techniques.

The digital projector and phoropter replace the old sign or projection on the wall as well as the old school device with all those dials and switches. It takes only a few minutes to achieve very precise results including whether your night vision requires a different prescription. The Lens Profiler uses digital technology to quickly and accurately read the prescription off of your old glasses, assuming you have a pair. The doctor is then able to show you the difference between your old and new prescriptions.