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About Dana Kindberg Optometry

More than your average eye appointment, we take a complete approach to your family’s eye care needs. Dr. Kindberg understands that the eyes are the window to a person’s overall health. So, during your exam, you can expect us to look for and monitor for signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, and other systemic diseases. Dana’s caring and compassionate demeanor, puts her patients at ease, while her expertise and knowledge ensure excellent patient care. Dr. Kindberg is committed to adhering to the clinic’s core values of excellent medical eye care and each patient’s best vision.

We take the time to not only understand your eye health and visual needs, but also your general health, lifestyle, and dietary habits. We think you’ll find our unique approach to your health a refreshing change.

Why Dana Kindberg Optometry?

Schedule your Eye Health and Vision appointment today with one of our experienced eye care providers inside LensCrafters at our Redmond Town Center in our Redmond, Washington location. You deserve a complete approach to health and vision care.

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