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If you are experiencing any combination of the symptoms below it is time to Make an APPOINTMENT➤
Difficulty seeing at night Misjudging an object's trajectory/speed Difficulty tracking objects Headaches Double Vision
You’ve developed physical strength and speed, now it's
time to level up with our functional Sports Vision Academy.
There is more to mastering athletics than mindset, motor skills and strength. And there is more to your vision than simply seeing 20/20. At the Sports Vision Academy we help you gain a competitive advantage by improving your visual performance.

Enhanced visual performance is the difference between being blindsided on the field and seeing that left guard with enough time to process and initiate your next move.

About 80% of the information in our environment is perceived through the eyes. How you convert that information into action is dependent upon 17 visual skills. Sports Vision Academy creates a customized program to train you to receive and process this information faster and more accurately.

Now you can focus more on the game.
So, whether you are enjoying a round of golf with friends or training for the pros, our goal is to maximize your visual processing and reaction time. Because those game changing, winning moments really come down to fractions of a second.

The benefits of Sports Vision training doesn’t end with game changing results. We utilize our expertise, technology, and vision coaching to ensure you’re getting the most comprehensive preventative eye care, ocular injury treatment, and concussion vision rehabilitation.
So how does Sports Vision Academy train?
At Sports Vision Academy, our expert clinicians begin with a comprehensive visual acuity test to first assess and address any existing vision deficits, and/or need for tinted lenses to aid in clarity and visual contrast.

Next, we evaluate your unique visual performance baselines to develop your personalized Athlete Profile specific to your functional vision and the sport/s you play.

We measure and analyze eye movement, brain processing, and reaction time, among other markers. We also look to see how balance and coordination are affecting your field of vision and pay attention to tendencies such as, favoring one eye.

Your profile is then compared against the profiles of professional athletes to determine areas of improvement. Our doctors then develop and prescribe a vision training program as unique as you are.
Peak performance is attainable
Peak performance is attainable when you’re able to efficiently convert visual information into split-second reactions. Athletes ready to level-up need to maximize all aspects of their functional vision to effectively identify and track objects against various backgrounds within various conditions and lighting levels.

Quickly and accurately locating, following, and successfully calculating an object’s distance and speed is the difference between stopping that run and missing the ball.

Seeing clearly is different than discerning where an object is in space and determining its trajectory and speed.
Here are some of the areas Sports Vision Academy improves your game:
Eye Focusing Peripheral Awareness Spatial Awareness Visual Processing Reaction Time
Eye-hand-body Coordination Contrast Sensitivity Eye Tracking Ocular Alignment Depth Perception
Visual function is different than seeing clearly.
That’s why even those with perfect vision benefit from Sports Vision Academy training.

It’s all about training your brain to improve its ability to perceive, process, and initiate a response faster and more accurately - and this is the competitive edge that yields results in play.

We built our program for you. Athletes come in all ages and skill levels. Sports Vision training is no longer reserved for the professional or elite athlete.

Our program is accessible to anyone who is ready to level-up their performance. Whether you’re on the youth soccer team, pursuing collegiate level athletics, or mastering the game of golf through retirement, we’ve got you covered.

And yes, we even help the Pros break through their plateaus.
What is the competitive advantage?
Sports Vision Academy trains all 12 eye muscles and rehabilitates all six movement systems of the eye. Our program promotes positive plasticity in the neural substrates which results in accelerated reaction speed, enhanced focus and concentration, and more efficient eye-hand-body coordination.
Accidents happen and we’re here to help
Our technology and programs effectively diagnose and support concussion rehabilitation. During your initial assessment we are able to assess brain function while evaluating your vision. When a current or preexisting brain injury is identified, we then baseline your current status, develop a customized rehabilitation program, and measurably track your brain healing over time. Our concussion rehabilitation programs are like physical therapy for your eyes (and brain!).

There are 8 million reported concussions every year in the US.
That adds up to 7 brain injury accidents each minute.

Maximizing visual performance in sports not only improves your game, it also helps players avoid injuries and treat ocular and concussion injuries should they occur.

If you’re looking for a competitive edge to make the team, want more playing time, or are headed to the pros, Sports Vision Academy has the experience and the tools to get you there because It’s Our Vision to Help Yours.
Sports Officials
Sports Vision Training is used to improve the performance of all athletes, in any sport, at any level of play, including:
  • Skiing/snowboarding • Swimming
  • Track and field • Bowling
  • Target shooting • Archery
  • Motor sports • Rugby
  • Ultimate Frisbee • And more...
If you are experiencing any combination of the symptoms below it is time to Make an APPOINTMENT➤
Difficulty seeing at night Misjudging an object's trajectory/speed Difficulty tracking objects Headaches Double Vision
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More than your average eye appointment, we take a complete approach to your family’s eye care needs. Dr. Kindberg understands that the eyes are the window to a person’s overall health. So, during your exam, you can expect us to look for and monitor for signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, and other systemic diseases. Dana's caring and compassionate demeanor, puts her patients at ease, while her expertise and knowledge ensure excellent patient care. Dr. Kindberg is committed to adhering to the clinic’s core values of excellent medical eye care and each patient’s best vision.

We take the time to not only understand your eye health and visual needs, but also your general health, lifestyle, and dietary habits. We think you’ll find our unique approach to your health a refreshing change.

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