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COVID-19 Office Updates

We prioritize the safety of our patients and staff. That’s why we are practicing and enforcing best practices in the midst of Covid-19. As you know, safety recommendations will likely continue to change in accordance with the CDC and our state recommendations. You can count on us to keep up-to-date with these latest recommendations.


  • We require all patients and staff to wear masks and social distance, when possible. 
  • Equipment is retrofitted with a plastic barrier to keep both staff and patients safe.
  • Rooms are sanitized between patients.
  • We sanitize all equipment and patient contact surfaces after every use and at the end of each day. 
  • We sanitize all surfaces and equipment (front desk counters, telephones, pens, door handles, waiting room chairs) with antibacterial wipes. 
  • All staff members wash their hands after contact with each patient and throughout the day.
  • Our office is equipped with several sanitizing stations.

If we don’t shake hands with our patients during this time, please don’t take it personally, your safety is paramount. We encourage you to continue to stay safe. 

In good health,

Dana Kindberg Optometry